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Spring is officially here. With the weather changing, it’s the perfect opportunity to take care of home maintenance. The winter can take its toll on homes, particularly in areas like Eastern Pennsylvania where it can be bitterly cold, wet, icy, and snowy. Mildew, debris, and mold can develop on exteriors, and now’s the time to get them cleaned up and ready for the warmer months.

The change in weather is also an opportunity to schedule some much-needed home improvements. Landscaping, painting, minor repairs, touchups, and more can be completed in the coming weeks.

If you’re in Lehigh Valley or nearby areas of Eastern Pennsylvania, let the PROs come and do the hard work for you. Whether you need complete home power washing or a deck builder to repair or improve your outdoor entertainment areas, we’re ready to get started.

Repair Storm Damage and Degraded Roofing

There’s no denying that winter is harsh. No element of your home feels this more than the roof. Organic matter from decaying leaves can settle and decompose on the roof. Moisture can start to cause problems. Storm damage over the winter may have loosened or compromised roofing materials. One of your first home maintenance steps should be a complete roofing inspection. We’ll thoroughly check your roof for damage and perform repairs as necessary, protecting it for the seasons to come.

Check the Health of Gutters and Downspouts

Gutters and downspouts are also heavily utilized during the winter. In the colder months, you might not notice that some gutters have become partially clogged. Gutter alignment may also change along with the weather. Loose gutters or angle changes could prevent gutters from carrying rainwater away from your roofing. This can lead to moisture damage, mold, and rot. You’ll have peace of mind with a full gutter inspection this spring.

Repair Siding Damage After the Winter

Siding can also take some damage over the winter, and it doesn’t matter what kind of material is used on your home. Loose siding can allow water entry, which will cause mold problems and severe damage over time. Our Lehigh Valley PA home improvement specialists can quickly repair siding and address any related problems that have developed over the autumn and winter.

Window Replacements and Repairs

Windows also need some attention now that the warmer weather is here. Frames may have become damaged, especially if they’re older and made from wood. Swelling and rot are common problems noticed in the spring. If you can’t open a window, or if you see damage, talk to the PROs today for a complete home health check. Our experience in home remodeling and renovation means we can quickly replace windows so you’re ready to enjoy the new season.

Decking Inspection and Touch-Ups

Decking is also a common victim of the elements during the winter. Loose boards, railings, and signs of rot need to be addressed immediately. A compromised deck is a major safety hazard, particularly if you have children or elderly parents at home. As an experienced deck builder company, we have the tools, team, and experience to get your deck back in perfect condition.

Foundation and Basement Checks

Snowmelt, heavy rainfall, and the wet and cold conditions of winter could compromise your basement and home foundation. A complete safety and health check will identify any areas of moisture entry or deterioration. Identifying problems early will ensure that repairs are cost-effective. If you notice musty smells in your basement, discolored concrete, damp floors, or other signs of water and moisture, it’s time to talk to the PROs.

Handyman Services and Power Washing to Bring Out the Beauty of Your Home

With repairs taken care of, you can enjoy our comprehensive handyman and power washing services this spring.

Power washing is the perfect way to clean the entire home. Our powerful yet environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions combined with pressurized water will remove grime, debris, mold, and mildew from exterior surfaces. Power washing works great on siding, driveways, paved pathways, patios, decking, and gutters/downspouts. We can also power wash your windows so they’re clean and ready for letting the sunshine into your home.

After power washing the deck, we can follow up with staining and sealing to protect it from UV damage. Fences can also be stained and painted, keeping your home presentable and its curbside appeal intact.

Our handyman services go far beyond home improvements and repairs. We’re also ready to help you set up your outdoor furniture, grill, smoker, or any other major appliance/feature that you’ll be using over the spring and summer.

It’s also the perfect time for landscaping improvements and general yard work. We can remove debris, clear your pathways, install garden features like fountains, check your sprinkler system, and much more.

A Comprehensive Home Improvement, Maintenance, and Handyman Service

Spring is a fresh start for nature. You can also make it a fresh start for your home and family with the help of ProCore Contracting. Our extensive handyman services, home improvements, and repairs will get your home ready for the best months of the year.

Talk to us now to schedule a service visit or get a free estimate for any improvement you have in mind. Prompt service, attention to detail, and an unwavering commitment to quality will give you confidence knowing that you’re starting the season right.