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While nothing feels quite as good as moving into a new home, there’s a point after the initial excitement where you can quickly feel overwhelmed. Unpacking, moving and assembling furniture, and even getting your entertainment center and home network ready can all feel like a little too much, with too little time to do it all at once.

At ProCore Contracting, we’re in the business of building and customizing homes that are a joy to live in. With our handyman services, we will ease the transition and help you to get settled and comfortable in your new surroundings.

Home Improvements for Spaces You’ll Love

No home is truly perfect on move-in day. If you’ve invested in an existing home, there may be numerous aspects of it that you want to change and improve.

As you get settled, minor home improvements can add the finishing touches to make the home perfect for your needs and sense of style. Quick and affordable improvements around the house such as painting walls, upgrading hardware, or even installing new sinks and vanities should be the focus as you get settled. Dated lighting fixtures can easily be replaced, and any signs of damage can be repaired with our handyman service.

If there’s maintenance to be done, including exterior cleaning or minor repairs, we’re the best company to call in Pottstown, Lancaster, Allentown, and other nearby areas in Eastern Pennsylvania. A home exterior that has been neglected over the years can be made to look new again with our power washing service. Decks, driveways, patios, and pathways, etc. will also benefit.

Whether you need improvements, maintenance, or repairs, our handyman services cover all jobs big and small.

Getting Everything in Order with Handyman Services

Beyond general repairs and maintenance, we can offer a range of services to get your home fully functioning.

Something as simple as hanging photos and artwork can become a burden with everything else on your mind. We’ll hang items, including heavier pieces of art and decoration. We’ll use long-lasting mounting solutions so things don’t simply fall off the walls in a few weeks or months.

Moving is a big job, but you’ll be surprised by just how much work it takes to get things arranged in your home. Once everything’s delivered, we can help to install your appliances, arrange furniture, and move heavy items into their permanent settings.

Curtains and blinds are likely amongst the first things you’ll want to replace. Your selections will add character and a touch of personality to your home. We are experts in blind and curtain installation.

If closets don’t have the storage you need, we can help with custom solutions including shelves and drawers that help you to stay organized. We’ll also mount shelves and cabinets to walls in any room.

Whatever you have in mind, talk to us today and we’ll make it happen with our convenient Allentown PA handyman services.

Get Your Home Ready for Life’s Modern Conveniences

Installing a television, configuring a home router, or extending a Wi-Fi or wired network are all essential in today’s tech-centric society. We can mount televisions with care, using existing studs for a solid anchoring. Cables can be hidden behind walls to keep your living areas looking great. Wi-Fi or ethernet extenders will ensure you have internet and local network access in every room.

Don’t get overwhelmed as you begin your life in a new home. Our handyman services in Eastern Pennsylvania make the process easy. Contact us now to book or get your free home improvement estimate.